What Colors To Pair With Gray

Q. I bought a new pair of gray pants to wear this winter, but I’m not sure what color tops I can wear with them. I tend to look better in warmer colors, but is it okay to pair yellow undertones with the cool of gray? What will look best with the pants without washing me out?

-Gray Lady

A. Get your gray on with a multitude of colors. I find that gray and brown bottoms lead to a richer mix of styles and colors than your basic black. Gray and brown can be a canvas while black can sometimes just be a backdrop; a color you settle for when you don’t want to take a chance. Gray can look lovely and feminine with pink, lavender, yellow and baby blue and rich with burgundy, olive and hunter green. Paired with teal it can add a bit of color to your face, while a navy pairing looks sophisticated. Since the gray is on your bottom half, you really needn’t concern yourself with looking washed out. Choose top colors that enhance your skin tone and have a flattering fit.

Here are some pretty tops to pair with your gray bottoms:

Emma Ruffle Top  Lux Daydream Blouse Deity Satin Blouse

1. Emma Ruffle Top , $34.50 at delias.com

2.  Lux Daydream Blouse, $29.95 at urbanoutfitters.com

3.  Deity Satin Blouse, $48 at urbanoutfitters.com

Laundry by Shelli Segal Washed Silk Wrap BlouseWalter Leopard Chiffon BlouseSemantiks Printed Silk Blouse

4. Laundry by Shelli Segal Washed Silk Wrap Blouse, $195 at nordstrom.com

5. Walter Leopard Chiffon Blouse, $143 at nordstrom.com

6. Semantiks Printed Silk Blouse, $78 at nordstrom.com

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