What do your wear to a wedding at a campsite?

Q. What is appropriate to wear to a wedding at a campsite on the lake in upper Michigan? The weather is warm during the day but chilly at night. They will have a large tent for the reception and the bride is wearing a traditional wedding gown and the groom is wearing a tux with Birkenstocks.

-Camp and cocktails 

A. Obviously, we’re not talking black tie.  There are still plenty of options. First off, skip high heels and choose a low kitten heel or wedge so you don’t sink into the ground.  Don’t wear anything long.  Consider a wrap dress, a dressier skirt and pretty top or a dress that is appropriate for a more casual wedding, but nothing you’ll be worried about getting a little dust or smidge of dirt on.  And bring a wrap like a Pashmina or a pretty cardigan.  If the dress is simple, look for a cardigan that has extra details like beading.

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