What shoes should I wear with gauchos?

Q. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wearing gauchos with sleek, fitted high heel knee high boots, but I wonder are there any other shoes I can pair them with? Specifically, can I wear them with heels, and if so, what stockings/tights should I wear, if any?
-Gaucho Giddy

P202766bA. Depending on the width of your gaucho legs, you can sometimes think of them like a skirt. You can wear pumps, peep toes, wedges and, depending on the fabric of your gauchos, even sandals, cute flats and espadrilles in the Spring and Summer.  It depends on the length of your guachos to know what looks best with them. Wear them and head to the shoe department of your favorite store and have some fun trying on a variety of looks.

Since it’s still cold out there, wearing gauchos with tights can extend the season and the amount of times you get to wear them.  Skip stockings and go for textured tights or opaque tights with winter wedges, patterned pumps and maybe even a peep toe (with a tiny opening) style.

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