What shoes should I wear with my boyfriend jeans in the fall?

Q. I am wondering that type of shoes I can wear with my boyfriend jeans for the fall? Or should I put away the boyfriend jeans until spring?

A. You will be thrilled to know that you can wear your boyfriend jeans in the fall. Pile on the layers with cardigans, blazers, leather jackets and more. On your feet, you can wear ballet flats or heels for as long as your bare ankles can stand the cold. When the temperature drops, turn to ankle boots instead. Below are some runway looks and shoe choices for inspiration:


  • bellechic27

    Yeah! I love my boyfriend jeans and was hoping to wear them into fall. I know on the runways that style is usually over exaggerated, is it ok to wear ankle boots with socks like the models are??? I was also wondering would these be ok with the boyfriend jeans for fall??? http://tinyurl.com/ojfpnd

    • StyleBakery

      You can definitely wear the Madeline Gabi Heels with boyfriend jeans, but because of the low ankle and open toe, you might have a harder time wearing socks. With regular ankle boots that don’t have the open toe, you can definitely wear socks. If you’re feeling uncomfortable about it, wear socks that are the same color as your ankle boots.

  • carie anne

    hi. can folded boyfriend jeans be worn by petite women? or will these make us look shorter? please help.

    • StyleBakery

      Cuffed or cropped jeans do tend to make petite women look a little shorter. The key to pulling off the trend is to choose boyfriend jeans that aren’t too baggy and to wear them with heels to help elongate your legs. Also choose a top that hits no lower than your hips.

  • Kathleen

    can you wear converse sneakers with boyfriend jeans or flats with thin socks or hose with boyfriend jeans, just thinking of cold climates)Thanks! Kathleen

    • StyleBakery

      Converse sneakers with boyfriend jeans creates a very casual look, but you can definitely wear this. Better off skipping the flats with thin socks or hose and boyfriend jeans; wear them with classic boot cut or skinny jeans instead.

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