What shoes should I wear with a gold sequin minidress?

Q. I have a mini all over sequin gold dress with long arms and is backless. What color shoes should I go for? I was thinking skyscraper tall plain purple?? Please help as I’m really stuck.

A. Your gold sequin backless mini dress already has a “look at me” quality, so your best option is to let the dress take center stage by choosing subtle accessories. The gold dress shown here with black hosiery and shoes looks chic and elegant, rather than flashy. Here are a few sexy and stylish black shoes that would look great with your dress:

  • Tanya

    Hello, i am looking for a gold sequin short sleeve or long sleeves dress with the backout. Any suggetion to where i can find one for a reasonable price?

  • http://www.2cute2trendy.com/Gold-Sequins-Sleeveless-Cocktail-Dress_p_240.html Maria

    i just ordered this for new year’s eve..not too sure what the quality is like but it’s cute..i’ve been looking for something with long sleeves too, and i found one on modcloth.com – only to find out it’s out of stock for months :( . This is close tho..

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