What shoes to wear with maxi dresses and sundresses

Q. What type of shoe can be worn with sundresses and the great new maxi length if you can’t wear sandals or strappy shoes. I just don’t seem to have the feet for them. I appreciate any suggestions!!!

A. Bohemian-inspired maxi dresses and pretty, feminine sundresses generally call for summery pedicure-flaunting shoes. Long (maxi) dresses can look especially dowdy with most closed-toe styles, so some sort of sandal or wedge is usually called for. 

When you say “you don’t have the feet” for sandals, I’m not sure if you mean that you find them uncomfortable or if you just don’t like to expose your foot for some reason. Below are some dresses with shoe options that aren’t too strappy or sandalish, so hopefully there is a shoe style that you feel comfortable with (click each image for purchasing info):

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