What should I wear to my own engagement party?

Q. HELP!! My Fiance’s mother is throwing us an engagement party luncheon at a country club at the end of March in Boston and I have no idea what to wear. I went looking for dresses last weekend and found a few that I liked but I think they are all a bit to fancy for a luncheon. From people I’ve talked to, they all say something along the lines of “Sunday Best” but I can’t seem to find something that looks good and doesn’t look either matronly or like a child. I have a few weeks but I’m starting to panic that I won’t have anything and will have to wear my standby LBD and I don’t want to wear black, it’s my engagement and I think I should be in color or white or something that makes me stand out a bit…but clearly I’ve never done this before so I don’t know. I know the LBD is always classic and I can add color with shoes, purse and jewelry, but I’m a very classic girl, at least where jewelry is concerned, so I was hoping to be able to wear my grandmother’s pearls or her diamond necklace. Any tips would be really helpful!

A. Deep breath. Your engagement party is going to be wonderful, no matter what you wear, but of course you want to look great since you’ll be the center of attention. Though it is a luncheon, feel free to dress a bit nicer than the guests, it’s your party! A dress or pretty top and skirt is your best option. Though we are huge fans of a classic little black dress, you are correct that this occasion calls for something a bit more colorful or bridal. You’re in luck – pretty spring dresses are everywhere now, you just need to find your perfect one.

Since we love the idea of you wearing your grandmother’s pearls or diamond necklace, we have selected some pretty dresses with necklines to accommodate them. Here are some pretty, yet classic, ideas for you that will look great in photos 20 years from now:


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