What to Pair With a Black and Brown Skirt

SkirtQ. I recently bought the Backyard Garden Skirt from Anthropologie but I’m a bit unsure of what I can pair with it – both on top and on bottom.  Never before did I think that brown and black could go together, but I see that both colors are on this skirt.  Does this mean I can wear black shoes with it?  Can I wear tall black boots?  And would I wear opaque or sheer tights?  For the top, do I have to find a shirt that matches one of the colors on the skirt, or can it be a completely different color?  I’m kind of lost on this one!  Any advice you can give would be great.  Thank you so much for your fantastic column!

-Color Combo

A. There are multiple ways to wear this skirt since there are several colors in the pattern. You can certainly wear black or brown opaque tights with matching color boots or heels on your bottom half during winter months and come spring you can lighten up the look with bare legs and sandals. You can go classic with solid tops in any of the colors picked up from the skirt. You may even want to try a grey, black or brown top and grey patent leather heels. Or choose the peachy color to add brightness to the outfit. And if you are truly daring, choose a top with a subtle pattern from one of the skirt colors or choose a pale solid color like seafoam.

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