What to wear for my first day at a casual office?

Q. I’m a recent grad, about to start a job at a company with an “office casual” dress code. I have spent the past two years interning at companies with a strict business attire dress policy, so I am having trouble figuring out what to wear on my first day. I know that the office I’ll be working at is casual enough for jeans, but I’d love to look as professional as possible without going overboard. Any tips for a first-day outfit? I’d love your help!

A.Congratulations on your new job! And lucky you for landing one with an office casual dress code. The important thing to note when dressing casually at the office is that you still want to look neat and professional. If jeans are allowed, don’t wear them with a t-shirt and flip flops! Instead, opt for “nice” jeans with a ballet flat or chic shoe and a feminine top or even a little jacket or cardigan. Even if some of your colleagues are dressed a little sloppy, you will be taken more seriously if you project a neat, stylish, professional appearance.

For the first day, it is best to dress a little nicer, perhaps a shirtdress or wrap dress and heels. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to see how the rest of the office dresses and you can adjust your look from there. Here are two looks for inspiration to wear on your first day. Good luck!


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