What to wear in November in New York

Q. My daughter and I are traveling to New York in mid-November.  I just wanted to know if it is already cold enough to bring a coat, hat, gloves, etc. and is wearing mostly black still ok?
–Clueless in California

A. Definitely pack your coat, hat and gloves.  It always seems to turn into jacket/coat weather by Oct. 30th.  You may be able to leave the hat in the hotel, but it’s always good to be prepared.  And if you hadn’t heard, black is back this season and in New York black is NEVER out of style.   Black is chic, simple, hides a myriad of flaws and easily disguises your tourist status.

  • Nichole Puglia

    My husband and I are also traveling to NYC in mid November. My favorite color is pink so most of my wardrobe- boots etc are pink- is this color okay for New York during this time of year ?

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