What to wear to a country club wedding

Q. I’ve been invited to a wedding that will take place in early May and will be held on a golf course at 7 PM. My first thought was a really nice black cocktail dress that I already own but haven’t worn yet but that feels so boring. What can you suggest for an evening wedding at this type of venue?

A. The attire for a golf course wedding is similar to a country club wedding which, unless specifically stated otherwise on the invitation, typically means cocktail attire or semi-formal wear with a preppy twist. Opt for pretty and flirty rather than sultry and sexy. Think pretty pastels (a current trend), lace or eyelet details, and shoes that won’t poke holes in the gorgeous golf course (think wedges or chunky heels). Of course, your black cocktail dress will work too, but consider softening it up with a light colored wrap or bow belt.

Here are some suggestions to wear to your golf course wedding:


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