What to wear to my college graduation?

Q. Help! I graduate from College in May. I graduate with my associate’s. I am not really sure what to wear. I do live in Michigan so it will probably be either cool or warm but not hot like Florida. My gown is hunter green in color. Is a black cocktail dress appropriate? Or some other style? And how short or long should it be to have the perfect length. I don’t think I like the idea of pant and skirt or even shirt and and skirt. I prefer only solid color dresses. But there are so many types to choose from. I am 5 ft 3 and would be consider petite. What are some suggestions in color, length and style of dress for college graduation attire?

A. You can wear a little black dress if you like, provided it’s not too dressy. Or, you can opt for something a bit more happy and bright for a spring graduation. It’s a celebratory occasion and the perfect opportunity to invest in a pretty spring dress. Since the weather will be iffy, go for the classic cardigan as a layering piece (a jacket or blazer can be a little tricky underneath your gown. As for length, anything shorter than the length of your gown will work, but we suggest you look for something that hovers around the knee. Finish the look with chic wedges in case you’ll be walking on grass.

Since you prefer a monochromatic dress, here are some looks for inspiration. You don’t need to worry about matching your dress color to your green graduation gown since the dress will be fully covered during the ceremony. Bonus points: you can wear any of these dresses for upcoming job interviews.

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