What to wear to NY Fashion Week

Q. I just scored tickets to the Tracy Reese’s fashion show during New York Fashion Week. I am coming from Nebraska and have no idea what to wear. Can you please suggest a chic ensemble that would fit in at Fashion Week?

A. Lucky you! You’ll have a lot of fun attending the show, amongst everything else to do while you’re in NY. The key to dressing for Fashion Week is to look chic without looking like you’re trying to hard. Early September is still pretty warm in New York, so a shift dress or pencil skirt worn with bare legs and pumps would be perfect. If you’re not a dress/skirt kind of girl, opt for colored skinny pants or the new tuxedo pant and a lightweight top worn with smoking slippers or pumps. Add a stylish bag and one piece of statement jewelry (necklace or bracelet perhaps) and you’re ready to hit the shows in style. (P.S. If you are planning to attend more than one show or do a lot of walking, it’s best to forego heels and opt for a stylish flat instead — there’s nothing chic about blisters!)


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