What to wear to your office holiday party

Q. My office holiday party will be held at a nice restaurant/lounge later this month and I’m not sure what to wear. Please help!

A. Dressing for an office party can be tricky: you want to have fun and get dressed up, but you’ll still be partying with your boss and coworkers. Your best bet is to stick with your usual office dress code, but with a bit more sparkle. If you typically wear a suit to work, try replacing your underpinning with a sequin top, or replace your jacket with a chic tuxedo jacket, or substitute your pants for a slim tuxedo pant. If you usually wear a dress, perhaps add a sequin belt, statement necklace, or glittery heels to fancy it up a little. Add a little extra eye makeup or a bright lip and you’ll be ready to go.

One important thing to remember: don’t wear anything low-cut, short, or too sexy. It may be a party, but this isn’t the place to show too much skin.


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