What to wear to your Vegas wedding

Q. We are eloping in Vegas at a strip chapel, I found this cocktail dress in ivory, however I do not want to wear ivory shoes and I will need something to cover my arms since it is chilly this time of the year and I want to wear the dress out to dinner and wherever else we go that evening, I want to keep it simple as my fiance is wearing a white shirt, dark jeans and black dress shoes. Please help, I am running out of time.

A. Congratulations! Regardless of how dressed down your husband-to-be is, it’s your wedding and it’s Vegas! Don’t be afraid to put on the glam! Cover up your halter dress with a chic tuxedo jacket (which you’ll definitely wear again) or a pretty sequin jacket. Match your shoes to your jacket and you’re set! Here are two ideas for you:

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