What to wear under a sheer unlined mini dress

Q. I’ve got a soon approaching wedding reception to go to and after going crazy have finally found the dress I am going to wear. A little number hidden in the back of my closet, an off-white mini-sundress with ruffles –PERFECT for a lake side wedding. Only issue with the dress is that because it is made of linen, and not lined, it is see-though in direct sunlight. To not give my boyfriend’s family a show, I’ve been trying to find solutions to my dilemma and have run into a brick wall. Every half-slip or full slip is either too long or the cut isn’t right at the neck. Please be the gurus I know you are and help me figure out what I can do.


A. We can definitely help you find the correct underpinning for your unlined sheer dress. Since the top is closer to the body and you will likely be wearing a bra, you will only need a skirt-style slip for the bottom half; one that is short enough to wear under a mini dress.

That being said, you may want to think twice about wearing a white dress to a wedding. Though your linen mini dress can hardly be considered bridal, there are many who feel that a guest should never wear white to a wedding. If you are looking to impress your boyfriend’s family, consider whether they are traditional-minded when it comes to fashion before you wear white. Also, bear in mind that an all-linen dress will easily wrinkle, so you may not look as polished as you’d like after stepping out of the car.

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