What to Wear Underneath a Body Skimming Dress

Q. There is a question in a magazine that asks:  what do you always wear underneath a body-skimming dress?  They list four choices, from which one should be selected.  They all make sense to me depending upon the dress.  Which is the one that should always be worn? The answers to choose from are: thigh-shrinking hosiery; curve-accentuating bra; derriere-lifting underwear; tummy-flattening shape wear. If you have an opinion, I would love to hear it. 

-Baffled by Choices

A. I don’t know what the magazine answer was, but nobody has the same body so there is no one correct answer.  One or several can apply depending on the fit, and of course how you want to look in the dress.  While some of us may seek cleavage, others will want to look as slim and smooth as possible. Don’t  let a Q & A intimidate you, just aspire to look and feel good in your clothes.

For specific tips on what to wear under your clothes, check out our style recipe Underneath It All.

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