What to Wear With a Denim Vest

On400615-00P01V01Q. I recently picked up a cute denim vest at old navy, since it was 50% off, I was wondering if I missed the trend and now I would look silly wearing it. I know to stay away from a denim jean/denim vest combo (BAD!!) but I thought with a cute pair of tan corduroys and a white shirt, it might look stylish. What do you think?   

-Not a Cowgirl 

A. I bought a denim vest from Old Navy as well – the fitted pointed bottom version (shown right, still available as of today for $12.99 at oldnavy.com). 

Your cords will be fine with your vest.  But also try it with tweed or herringbone pants or a skirt plus the button down shirt and add one oversized piece of jewelry like a chunky beaded necklace or a big cuff bracelet. Also try a colorful blouse or a short puffed sleeve top.   Here are some suggested looks to consider with a vest, denim or otherwise:

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