What to wear with a red chiffon party dress

AxdressQ.  I bought a silk chiffon red dress from A/X for my company’s holiday party and I have no idea what to wear it with.  What color shoes go with it?  What type of jewelry? I work at a trading firm on Wall Street and the party is going to be at a trendy Meat Packing District loft-type space.
-Party Wear

A. For a party dress like this, look for metallic gold, a rush of rich red or sassy black with rhinestones to slip your feet into and definitely wear earrings that dangle.  I’d skip a necklace and if you still want to wear more jewelry, then choose a few thin gold bangles or a big faux stone cocktail ring.

Shown left: silk chiffon dress, $109.99  (sale) at armaniexchange.com


JLO by Jennifer Lopez ‘Jenni’ Sandal
$114.95 at nordstrom.com


Argento Vivo Ruby
& Pearl Earrings
$198 at nordstrom.com

Meg’s 12 Carat Gold
& Amber 14k CZ
Cocktail Ring
$99 at emitations.com

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