What to wear with Frye boots

51120081344343477300DBN_multi.jpgQ. So I FINALLY bought the Frye Harness boots I’ve been lusting over for years. (squeal!) They look fantastic with my straight cut faded black jeans that ruche up around the ankles, but they seem a bit – excuse the western pun – horsey with a looser bootcut or flare. How do I avoid the I’m-going-out-to-the-biker-bar-in-mom-jeans look and lean a bit more towards the artsy hipster side of things?

A. Loove, these boots, they are a great investment that you’ll wear for years with a rugged look that only improves with age. The great thing about these boots is that they do have a masculine feel, making them perfect for toughening up feminine pieces like a floral dress or skirt.

You’re on the right track wearing your skinny jeans tucked into the boots, however your bootcut or flare jeans worn over the boot is an option also. If you’re concerned about looking too tough or “biker-ish”, then wear something ultra feminine on top to balance the rugged boot. A belted fitted jacket or cardigan or a pretty ruffled blouse are great options. Even something simple like a tank top and draped scarf is an option.

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    Love seeing these boots with feminine skirts and dresses!

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    Style Bakery Columnist: The OP isn’t worried about looking too much like a biker, she’s worried about looking like she’s wearing “mom jeans.” Huge difference, which means that what you said probably didn’t help her at all.

    Here’s the question I think she’s trying to ask: How can she avoid looking matronly when wearing these boots with a bootcut style jean — one that opens slightly and shouldn’t be tucked into the boot?

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