What To Wear With Yellow Accessories

Q. I recently bought a pair of really cute yellow flats on a whim, but now they’re collecting dust inside my closet because I can’t find anything to wear with them. Could you recommend something?

Q. I recently received a cute Italian leather purse, which I love…the problem is, it’s yellow. I’ve tried to add it to outfits, but always end up leaving it behind for something less vibrant. What can I wear with it this summer and can I carry it into fall as well?

yellowbag.pngA. Kudos to both of you for choosing yellow accessories, one of our favorite looks this summer! Whether it’s a pair of yellow shoes or a yellow handbag, you can wear it with so much more than you might think (just not together please – matching yellow shoes and handbags are just too much!) For the most part, you can wear yellow with pretty much anything – navy, denim, white, brown, red, orange and sometimes even black.
Check out some of the looks on these pages for some examples of accessorizing with yellow:

As you can see, we’re really loving yellow this season. And the best part? You can wear your yellow shoes and handbags through the fall.

  • bellechic27

    I bought a pair of yellow shoes, a yellow bracelet and earrings….and I love them! I tend to wear more solid neutrals (black, gray etc.) so to spice it up a bit I add the pop of color with shoes and jewelry.

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