What’s the correct way to button a three-button jacket?

Q. What’s the correct way to button a three buttoned jacket? My husband seems to button the middle only and I am constantly telling him it looks very old fashioned. However, I wondered if the same rule applies to women, as some of my colleagues fasten just the top, others all three and I fasten the top two!

-Buttoned Up

A. For both men and women, the best looking way and the most common way to wear a three-button suit is to button the top two buttons. Buttoning all three buttons is a formal way to wear the suit and is acceptable. By just buttoning the top button, I wonder what extra room a man needs in the suit for, perhaps, an expanding waistline.

  • Alissa

    I learned from the Fab-Five: when it comes to buttoning a 3-button jacket, the buttons are called (from top to bottom) ‘always’, ‘sometimes’, and ‘never’!

  • ib

    it’s actually “Sometimes — Always — Never”

  • Jennifer

    Buttoning the top button only can be very stylish if you are not fat !

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