Where can I buy bangle bracelets for smaller wrists?

Q. Is there anywhere that I can buy bangle bracelets for smaller sized wrists? I love bangles, especially for the summer, but they always seem too clunky for me and can very easily fall off my wrists. Thanks!

A. Since bangles are designed to slip over your hand, this can leave them sliding up and down your wrists. Your problem is not uncommon, but don’t stress over it – you may just have to try on a few more options until you find a bangle that works. Look for adjustable bangles, or try cuff bracelets instead (which are adjustable) and visit some of your favorite teen stores – they usually feature great trendy options that are likely cut a bit smaller. Here are some adjustable options for you:

  • Lindsay

    I’ve noticed that H&M often has bangles in different sizes. I have the same problem with bangles always falling off, but they sell them in sizes from small to large!!

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