Where can I find chic hats for a short haircut?


Q. I have just gotten a short haircut and am interested in sporting some chic hats.

-Preparing for a bad hair day

A. I adore that you are interested in wearing hats this Fall. So many women shy away from wearing hats thinking they can’t pull them off. It takes a confident attitude and it helps to have a stylish haircut. For Fall, look for toppers in tweed and corduroy and newsboy driving caps that won’t cover up a short haircut completely. Avoid those wide brim boho chic hats made famous again by Sienna Miler, they’re meant for girls with long hair.70072 Wc3427

David & Young tweed newsboy cap, left, $16 at nordstrom.com; tweed topper, right, $68 at jcrew.com

  • Lucy

    I am wondering the best style to fit my body type. technically I have a size xs to s hip and a medium top. I am straight up and down. Can I wear close fitting clothing, wearing baggy seems to make me look fatter!

  • irma alvarado

    this hat is like omg so freakin cute

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