Who should never wear shrugs?


Q. Shrugs seem like a great idea for those of us with less than perfect arms. But, who should never wear them? Do they make your middle look thicker or your bust look huge?

-Arm Cover


A. Shrugs are a great solution for a little extra coverage with tees, tanks and sleeveless dresses. To avoid looking bulky, adding extra broadness to shoulders or attention to a large chest, look for ones that are not made of thick knitted fabrics. Shrugs ultimately come in two versions – just over the shoulders with a bit of rounded ends that can either fit snugly or scoop over a bit of breast, or the other version is the tie front. To avoid adding attention to your chest, avoid the scoop side version and choose the tie front style in a material that isn’t thick. Or instead of the shrug, look for a little bolero style jacket or shrunken cardigan. At left: Laundry by Shelli Segal Cashmere Ruffle Shrug, $148 at nordstrom.com; At right: One Girl Who Shrug Bolero, $97 at nordstrom.com

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