Will skinny jeans still be in style next season?

Q. So I finally gave in to the skinny jean trend (a couple years late, I know) and now I keep hearing that the new “hot” denim shape is wide leg or flared jeans! Do I have to ditch my new skinnies in favor of a wider leg?

TWIGGY1BCCD.jpgA. True, the hot new denim silhouette is a 70s-inspired wide leg jean, but no need to throw away your skinnies – they’re still a stylish option. In fact, this week’s Women’s Wear Daily said that skinny jeans have officially crossed over from a trend to a classic, and they’re here to stay! Here are two quotes that appeared in the WWD article from major department stores:

“The skinny jean has transcended trend. It’s just become part of our everyday wardrobe.”

— Ken Downing, Neiman Marcus

“The legging just continues…the legging and the skinny jean have just become wardrobe staples.”

— Colleen Sherin, Saks Fifth Avenue

So, if the major department stores consider skinny jeans to be a classic, you can expect to see them in stores on a permanent basis.

Cameron Diaz, in James Jeans
Twiggy 5 Pocket Legging Jean

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