Winter alternatives to the ballet flat

Q. I love my ballet flats but as real winter approaches, I want a little more covering my toes — but I don’t want to lose the polish that ballet flats offer (or their lightness & ease). I am seeing a lot of tall boots or biker boots, but I am not a biker chick — I am a prep! Help!


A. We, too, love our ballet flats. But at some point when the temperatures drop low enough, we are forced to give them up for something a bit more practical. As a replacement, I am assuming that you’re looking for flat shoes that suit your preppy style. Since you mention tall boots or biker boots as an option, perhaps you are not limited only to shoes and will consider a boot as well. A classic riding boot always looks polished and it’s a very comfortable option. Flat booties, desert shoes and menswear-inspired brogues are also chic alternatives to the ballet flat.

Below are some polished, comfortable and easy shoes to consider that will keep your toes warm:

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