Workout Worthy Panties

Q. My weight has gone up & down over the years, so as you can imagine finding clothes that fit is a problem. However, I have recently joined a gym as I am determined to lose 35 lbs. In addition to joining, I have a personal trainer for the next three months. It wasn’t so hard to find my workout clothes & sports bras, but my bottom is a challenge. I have always used "Barely There" intimates, but since I have a belly & have gained weight, they really don’t support it.

I have two questions: What kind of panties are best for working out? How can I find a perfect fit that will also be comfortable for everyday wear?

-Losin’ It

A.  High five to you for your determination to lose the weight! Look for a higher cut brief or thong in a microfiber fabric to help wick away moisture and help flatten your tummy. Skip shapewear pieces when you’re working out so you can focus on pulling in your tummy all on your own and be comfortable.  These panties can also be worn under your everyday clothes:

Moving Comfort Micro ThongMoving Comfort Seamless ThongSpeed Boy Short,

1. Moving Comfort Micro Thong, $15 at

2. Moving Comfort Seamless Thong, $15 at

3. Speed Boy Short, $17.99 at (Check out other styles from for panties that wick moisture and offer an abrasion, rub free workout.)

Warner's Without A Stitch Hi-Cut Brief Jockey No Panty Line Promise Hip Brief Barelythere Flawless Fit Microfiber Hi-Cut Brief

4.  Warner’s Without A Stitch Hi-Cut Brief, $7.60 at

5.  Jockey No Panty Line Promise Hip Brief, $8.50 at

6.  Barelythere Flawless Fit Microfiber Hi-Cut Brief, $7.20 at

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