The 2-minute trick for getting perfect beachy waves

As someone with naturally curly hair, you’d think getting perfect beachy waves would be easy. I’ve tried every trick in the book from sleeping in damp braids to curling irons to using a diffuser while pulling out my curls. Somehow, my hair still ends up looking curly instead of loose and wavy. That is, until I read about this genius hair trick which works incredibly well on both curly and straight hair. And best of all? It’s super quick and easy.

Start by separating your hair into one or two braids (or more, depending on how thick your hair is). Next, run a flat iron over the braid to create your beachy waves. Be sure to continue to flat iron over the ends of your hair — a straight end is the key to hair looking wavy, not curly. Be sure your hair is fully cooled before undoing your braids. Voila! Instant beachy waves.

Tip: My hair is somewhat fine, so I like to spray a little dry shampoo or salt spray on my hair prior to give it a little texture.

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