3 tips to keep your nails in tip-top shape

We’ve all been there. The manicure we’re trying to do on ourselves goes horribly awry, and we don’t have time to repaint our nails! Or the manicure we got was perfect, and we screwed it up somehow! Thankfully, those scenarios can be a thing of the past with these three tips guaranteed to keep your nails looking absolutely perfect.

Wear rubber gloves while washing the dishes.
Every manicurist has told us to do this. Seriously, it’s in their top 3 nail tips! Wearing rubber gloves while you wash the dishes keeps your nails looking perfect much longer, and it makes your skin so much better not to be in that hot, soapy water.

Clean up stray polish with a cotton-wrapped orange stick.
So, you’ve given yourself a pretty amazing manicure … and then disaster strikes. Your cuticles are covered in red/green/blue/purple/(insert other color here) nail polish. The easiest way to clean them up? With an orange stick wrapped in cotton and soaked in remover! Simply swab it over your cuticles and the excess polish will come right off.

Deborah-Lippmann-Fashion-Nail-Polish.jpgWhen in doubt, start simple.
So you’ve never really been that great at doing your own nails, but you want to get better. Start small! Rather than jumping right into dark, hard to apply colors like red, blue or black, start with a pale pink or nude that won’t show up as much if you make mistakes. We recommend a color like Deborah Lippmann Fashion ($16 at deborahlippmann.com), which not only is indistinguishable if you make a mistake but is such a gorgeous nude.

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