5 Gatsby inspired headbands under $20

It feels like we’ve been waiting our whole lives for The Great Gatsby to come to life on film. Or at least a good part of the year. What’s not to love about the upcoming big screen adaptation: the actors, the music, and most importantly — the fashion. The 1920s represent a time when women were empowered to take control of their clothing, hair, and makeup, leading to styles that became timeless, like the bob, bright red lips, and detailed hair accessories.  

With the film premiering on May 10, you can finally indulge in your 20s era obsessions with a geometric, feathered or beaded headband. Turban headbands are an easier way to try the turban trend without spending hours on YouTube trying to figure out how to tie one. The hair accessories are an easy way to pull a little Gatsby into your wardrobe without going full on flapper or breaking the bank, since they are all under $20.  

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