5 quick steps for the perfect chignon

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There is nothing new and innovative about chignons, but after a long summer of beachy waves, nothing is more refreshing then swept up locks to showcase your gorgeous face. Plus, with higher fall and winter necklines creeping out of our closets, a high, top bun is the perfect hairstyle to keep from looking overdone and busy. 
Perfect for day to night transitions, the office and for fast-approaching holiday parties, look to stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Bosworth, Minka Kelly and January Jones for chignon inspiration.
Top Chignon 1.jpg
Five steps for a sleek and elegant high-rise chignon:
1. Brush back your hair as high as your crown (ideally, your chignon will land directly opposite of your chin). 
2. Secure your pony loosely with a thing hair tie, and tease the base of the pony tail. 
3. Carefully wrap your hair from the base to the tip in a circular motion, securing with bobby pins. Find bobby pins that are the closest to your hair color for a more seamless look. 
4. You may have loose hairs and ends left over if you have layered hair, sweep them into place and secure with some more bobby pins.
5. Lightly spritz hairspray from your lower hairline at the base of your scalp to your bun, avoiding too much product up front to keep from looking too slicked back. 

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