6 Products Under $10 to Help You Survive Summer

For us, Summer is all about weekends at the beach, getting together with friends, relaxing at the park, and simply scaling back a tight everyday schedule. Summer also brings in the heat, and you need products that will help you survive it. We’ve put together a list of beauty essentials, sure to keep you cool and looking your best.


Essence of Beauty Body Mist in Blue Ocean.jpg



Essence of Beauty Body Mist in Blue Ocean

With its blend of light scents– that remind us of cool ocean waves and fresh air– this body mist will keep you feeling like you’re at the shore, even if you are still sitting at your desk. $5.99, cvs.com





revlon no chip.jpg


Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat

Whether we’re playing in the sand, swimming in the pool or washing dishes, we use this essential, high-gloss top coat to keep our brightly-colored manicures in tip top shape for up to two weeks. $5.49, drugstore.com





St. Ives Cellulite Shield Gel Creme.jpg

St. Ives Cellulite Shield Gel Creme

Gym visits are necessary for our overall health, but spending time outdoors is so much more fun in the Summer. To help us look our best, we recruited this powerful and hydrating creme to fight cellulite and leave our skin feeling smooth and looking more even-toned. This formula absorbs fast and includes ingredients like caffeine and citrus extracts work to energize, rejuvenate and stimulate circulation in the skin. $7.99, drugstore.com



nivea kiss of protection.jpg



Nivea Lip Care A Kiss Of Protection, SPF 30

This long-lasting lip balm protects lips from damaging UV rays, prevents your pout from drying out and leaves them feeling silky smooth thanks to ingredients like Jojoba oil and Shea butter. $2.49, drugstore.com 



colgate wisp.jpg


Colgate Wisp

We love this pocket-sized disposable toothbrush. It fits in our purse, beach bag or glove compartment, and is perfect for keeping our breath fresh and teeth clean on-the-go, no matter where we go. Sugar-free. $2.59, cvs.com




l'oreal everpure uv protect spray.jpg


L’Oreal EverPure UV Protect Spray

We admit, we’ve been stretching time between our haircolor appointments these days, but we couldn’t do it without a little help. A few sprays of this on our tresses before we finish our style not only adds moisture to our already dehydrated hair, but protects it from UV rays, thus helping our color look vibrant and healthy longer. $8.99, drugstore.com

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