A night-time skincare boost from Philosophy

stylebakerybeauty:images:philosophy:boostercaps.jpg For a long time I was afraid to get on the Retinol train because I
thought it would be too harsh for my skin, but it’s definitely one of
those ingredients that skincare experts agree plays a role in
anti-aging. So I finally took the plunge and have added a Retinol
product into my skin-care routine. Right now, I’m using philosophy
booster caps
. It took me a little bit to figure out how frequent to
use, but I really am liking the results. I use once a week—I’m incorporating this in with my regular exfoliating products and face masks too; it’s a whole process—and I’m noticing a difference with regular use.

Available at Sephora (60 capsules for $50).  

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