A rose is a rose… Jo Malone Red Roses Home Candle

Jo-Malone-Red-Roses-Home-Candle.jpgThe most luxurious, most heady, most divine candle around? It’s most definitely the Jo Malone Red Roses Home Candle.

We’ve long been enamored of all that Jo Malone has to offer. The body creams, the fragrances, the candles … all so utterly divine, we’ve basically cloaked our entire apartment in the line. But there’s something undeniably special about the Red Roses fragrance in all its forms — and, most importantly, as a candle.

The scent is powerful but not overpowering, sensual but not over the top. It envelops the room without taking over, and leaves behind a scent of roses that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.

The fragrance itself is comprised of seven different types of roses from around the world — but it also incorporates crushed violet leaves, lemon and spearmint for an aroma that’s at once invigorating and incredibly sensuous.

And the jar? It’s simple but not stark — the clear glass jar, filled with white wax, looks so beautiful atop a vanity or dressing table.

The Jo Malone Red Roses Home Candle retails for $65 at jomalone.com.

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