A SATC girl's night out with SJP NYC

When we think of Sarah Jessica Parker, two things come to mind: Carrie Bradshaw…and New York City. We just can’t help it. Bradshaw, and Parker for that matter, are just the essence of New York to women around the globe.

Speaking of essence… while many of us can’t live in Carrie’s luxe NYC apartment or wear her fab designer clothes, we can at least smell like we imagine she would. SJP’s latest fragrance, aptly named SJP NYC, is just that— fun, flirty, confident…the essence of Carrie Bradshaw.

SJP-NYC-AD.jpg Obviously we love all things SJP, all things NYC, and naturally, we love the fragrance too. So when the awesome folks at SJP NYC asked if we wanted to take part in a fab, celeb-style night out befitting Bradshaw and friends, we accepted without having to think twice.

Our night included limo service for our group, dinner at a posh restaurant, tickets to see the SATC 2 movie, and tons of other goodies…cupcakes from the famed Magnolia Bakery, SJP NYC fragrances for all, a cocktail set to start the night off right, and tunes to set the tone: SATC Soundtracks 1 & 2.

The night started with dinner at trendy restaurant and lounge that would make Carrie & the gang proud, where we dined on amazing food, drank fruity drinks, and discussed our hopes for the movie (ok some of us discussed, others stressed the whole Carrie/Aiden thing and wouldn’t shut up about it). We drank wine, and annoyed the waiters by making them snap tons of pictures for us while we got our poses JUST right. Then it was off to the film!

The swag came in handy…more than one woman in the theater asked what scent we were wearing, so we kept dousing everyone with the mini
bottles. It’s seriously THAT good. Even the limo driver liked it!

The film itself (no spoilers) was a feast of fashion…no famine here Mr. Talley! We’ll spare you the spoilers and refrain from reiterating the regurgitated plot points, but will say that from the very opening scene we spent the majority of the movie pining over the first pair of shoes placed on Carrie’s feet. They had us at Louboutin.

A super huge thanks to SJP NYC for making this evening possible, we felt like stars and everyone had an amazing time!SJPNYC_COTY.jpgNow, if anyone needs us, we’ll be looking into jobs that require us to travel exclusively by limousine.

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