Afraid of commitment? Try a rollerball fragrance!

Rollerball-Image.jpgThere are many factors to consider when choosing a fragrance. Do you like the scent? Is the bottle worthy of sitting on a vanity? Is the scent good enough that the 3.4 oz. will actually be used up? When traveling, are you willing to check your bags so you can bring your perfume with you?

If the answers to these questions seem a bit murky, then we’ve got a solution for you. Try a rollerball fragrance! These minis are perfect for so many reasons — they fit in even the smallest clutch, they’re amazing for travel, and it’s pretty tough to get sick of them when they’re so tiny! Check out some of our favorites — they’re guaranteed to make you much less afraid of fragrance commitment.

Lola Marc Jacobs Rollerball ($22)
From pink peppercorn and pear to ruby red grapefruit and fuchsia peony, this is a feast for the senses!

Philosophy Amazing Grace Rollerball ($18)
Floral blossoms and light musk make this one of our all-time favorite fragrances. And the rollerball size just makes us happy to bring it everywhere we go.

Fresh Sugar Lemon Rollerball ($18.50)
Italian lemons, yuzu, mandarin, orange blossom, lychee flower … do those notes intrigue you as much as they do us? We LOVE this one.

DKNY Delicious Duo Rollerball ($20)
Be Delicious on one end, Be Delicious Fresh Blossom on the other — we’re loving the fact that this is two for the price of one.

CLEAN Shower Fresh Rollerball ($20)
Want to smell like you just got out of the shower? Notes of mandarin, sheer woods and lily of the valley will help you do just that.

Twirl by Kate Spade Roll-On ($18)
Inspired by the feel of “joie de vivre,” this fun and sparkling fragrance makes a happy splash with notes of pink watermelon, blackberry and red currant.

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