Ask Mickey: Advice For Preventing Runny Mascara and Eyeliner

Q. No matter what I try, my eyeliner and mascara runs within a few hours of putting it on! I’ve tried everything (or so it seems)! I’ve given up wearing anything! Any suggestions?
]]>P46017_hero.jpgYes. I suggest Blinc’s Kiss Me Mascara and eyeliner. Some Sephoras carry the line but it’s probably easier to order online. The formula is water-based, so it dries to a material somewhat like rubber. It’s super lightweight and the only way to remove it is with warm water (preferably in the shower). You should definitely read the instructions on their website about maintaining the formula (like not pumping the wand in the container) and about removing it. I love the brush on the eyeliner. It’s fool-proof because it’s so thin. Good luck.

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