The latest CC cream breakthrough: Almay Smart Shade CC Luminous Primer


This past year was all about the alphabet creams: Whether you were a fan of the BBs or CCs, everywhere you turned in 2013 you saw one of these products. But has the hype died down? Without a doubt, women have slowly gotten over the all-in-one creams, but that hasn’t stopped companies from trying to reinvent new ways of re-launching these products.

The  first one hit shelves this month and I am pretty sure others are right behind it. The Almay Smart Shade CC Luminous Primer ($10.99) is a pink-toned primer that will help correct dark spots and dull skin while providing a luminous and glowing complexion. Just like the CC creams before it, this one has a number of benefits including a sunscreen, moisturizer  and foundation primer. This product will not only help beautify your skin, but it will also help protect from the sun’s harmful UV rays. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite like the first product to be launched in the new year.

  • Jennifer D

    I’m definitely not over the CC and BB creams. I love multi-function products that save time and money!

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