Anakiri BioEnergetic Skin Care HydraTone

 Anakiri BioEnergetic Skin Care HydraTone

]]> Mickey says: “A hydrating addition to your bottle of H20. Fifteen tasteless drops from Hydratone’s bird feeder bottle is supposed to enhance the body’s ability to absorb water. We tried out hydratone and without a lab, couldn’t reward the claims but did feel energized and it gave us a good reason to drink another bottle of water.”

Healthy skin is hydrated skin. Although we may increase the amount of water we drink, the body may not be able to use it. HydraTone is designed to assist the body to energetically absorb and utilize more water. See the results of proper hydration with transformed, radiant skin. Usage: HydraTone is to be mixed with your drinking water. Add 15 drops per 1 liter of water daily. Do not use undiluted.

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