Another Round of Fab Finds Under $10!

Remember when we brought you a whole slew of products a couple months back that all retailed for under $10? (Don’t feel bad if it slipped your mind — you can find the entire story here.) Well, with times as bad as they’ve been recently, we decided it’s time for another round of Fab Finds Under $10. Because you know what? It is totally possible to find amazing makeup, skincare and more for next to nothing! Read on to discover some of our new faves.

OPI Baguette Me Not Nail Polish.jpgOPI Nail Polish in Baguette Me Not
Looking for that perfect peachy pink that could even turn mauve in some lights? Then you’d better get your hands — or, rather, your nails — on this gorgeous lacquer that will really turn heads.
$4.48 at

Ponds Cold Cream.jpgPond’s Cold Cream Cleanser
We’ve been totally down with this cleanser for years. The moisturizing cream leaves skin feeling fresh and clean without any sense of irritation whatsoever — and the scent is somehow totally calming.
$4.49 at

Sephora Lash Comb.jpgSephora Professionnel Platinum Lash & Eyebrow Comb
You know those days where for some reason your eyebrows are completely out-of-control-unruly and your lashes are all clumped together? Well, this is the baby to help get you out of a jam. It unclumps even the goopiest mascara, and straightens out those brows you thought were helpless!
$10 at

LOreal Hip Balm copy.jpgL’Oreal HiP Jelly Balm
Not only do these balms leave your lips looking and feeling utterly fabulous, they smell and taste exactly like See’s Suckers. Our fave is Plsuh — a gorgeously glossy baby pink.
$8.99 each at

Sonia Kashuk Powder Partners.jpgSonia Kashuk Powder Partners Eye Shadow Duo in Take Cover

Trying to find that perfect brown shadow? Well, look no further — we’ve unearthed it! This duo will shade, shape and shimmerify (yes, we made that word up) your peepers like no other.
$7.99 at

Bath and Body Works Vanilla Lotion.jpgBath & Body Works Signature Collection Hand Cream in Warm Vanilla Sugar
Vanilla is our all-time fave scent, and this lotion is at the top of our list. It’s formulated with shea butter and beeswax to condition, moisturize and nourish your skin like no other — and it smells so amazing, we find ourselves swooning every time we pop open the tube!
$10 at

Bloom Cosmetics Paper Soap.jpgBloom Cosmetics Scented Paper Soap
Alarm went off too late for you to shower this AM? Never fear — these scented paper soaps are here to save the day! While it won’t totally take the place of a hot shower, scents like Brown Sugar & Fig or French Lavender will at least keep your hands and even the backs of your knees squeaky clean and smelling fresh.
$5 each at

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