Ask Mickey: Are Glossy Mascaras For Real?

Q. Glossy mascara is there REALLY such a thing. I’ve been disappointed time and lash again.

]]> Yes, but be practical. I was shocked myself about 8 years ago when I first stumbled upon Clinique’s Glossy Mascara, and boy have things changed since then. Some tips to follow in order to find the right mascara for you are:

If you want Glossy, you have to go Black, and this does not include anything called soft black. If it says it has glossing or thickening qualities all in one, this is not possible. The process to thicken mascara usually calls for powders and such which can dull down the shiny effect. Just go for one or the other. Also, water based mascaras usually keep lashes looking shinier and ironically lasting longer than oil-based. Check out Blinc Kiss Me – the mascaras and liners are rich, stay put and shiny. Also, a tip with Kiss Me is to wait until the third or fourth time using it to base your opinion on it. For some reason, it comes out very thin in the first few uses. A final tip is to make sure you do not pump the wand like you would oil based mascaras and keep the lid on tightly. Dry mascara will always be dull!

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