Ask Mickey: Foundation That Offers Superior Coverage

Q, I am getting married in August and I need a really good makeup with good coverage. What would you suggest?

]]> Giorgio Armani's Silk FoundationI love Giorgio Armani’s Silk Foundation. It glides over the toughest of blemishes and dark spots while casting an almost “eggshell” luminosity. The colors are blendable and the longer the foundation wears, the better it looks. If you still see spots after application, dab a bit more foundation or even a bit of matching concealer over them. Make sure you do this after applying the foundation to the whole face and neck rather than before.

200-3I recommend applying loose powder afterwards and my favorite is L’Oreal Translucide. You have to practice before the big day, so get these products now, and try them out daily to see exactly how much you want to apply for the wedding day. You will love your skin! Congratulations and remember to have fun!

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