Ask Mickey: Products To Even Skin Tone

Q. I am 53 and am looking for a product to even my skin tone. I don’t want to wear liquid foundation. I heard there was a product that you put on like a powder, but it appears to change to a foundation look…. does that make sense to you? Also, I need/want something that is very translucent as I don’t like to “look” like I’m wearing makeup on my skin. I was looking at the L’Oreal Translucide powder, but I don’t know if that is just a matte finish to wear over foundation, or if it is worn as an evening skin tone powder. Help?

]]> It sounds like you need a little color correcting rather than a mask-like foundation. In order to get this look, you need to color correct first, and then you can put any powder on top, but I do prefer the Translucide’s natural finish.

Color correcting is simple: you just need to find a concealer that works well with your skin type and tone. Two great companies to look into for this are Prescriptives and Laura Mercier. You will just dab a bit of camouflage onto any area that appears redder or darker and blend edges into skin surrounding area. You will find this works much easier and looks more natural when applied over your moisturizer right after you’ve put it on. Then, make sure to apply with a large fluff brush a thin setting powder over area and the rest of your face to get a balanced over all color. This is not a makeup cake-y looking face. It’s as natural as it comes.

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