Ask Us: Best Blush and Lip Colors For Fair Skin

Q: I am fair skinned, blonde hair (highlighted), blue eyes. I have some pink in my skin. What blush and lip colors are for me? I sometimes feel colors are too bold for me or they wash me out.

A: If you have a natural flush of pink in your cheeks, look for a blush that is the same tone. This is best for daytime when you’ll want a more natural look. For evening, use a blush that is about a shade darker than your cheeks, or the color your cheeks might be after a moderate workout. Apply with a light hand to ensure you don’t over-do it, and blend until the color you want is acheived.

When it comes to lip color, we suggest the same; look for shades that are in the same color family as your lips. It’s best to keep blush and lip color’s undertones the same. Once you find one product it will be easy to find the other. Visit your local beauty retailer or department store beauty counter to test out different hues. Best of luck.

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