Ask Us: How Can I Make My Brown Eyes Stand Out Without Too Much Makeup?

Question: I have dark brown eyes. How can I make them stand out and look brighter without putting on too much make up?


Answer: Thankfully, it really doesn’t take a whole lot of makeup to make eyes stand out. We recommend two products: eyeshadow and mascara. With each you can achieve gorgeous results. Shadows in every color look great on brown eyes (can you say lucky?), so while staying with brown tones will always work if you want a neutral look, purples, greens and blues are fantastic if you want to use stand-out colors.

Using an eyeshadow brush to apply your eyeshadow will ensure you’ll only apply a sheer wash of color when you don’t want to over-do it, but you can continue to layer it until the color effect you desire is achieved. You can also use eyeshadow to line your eyes for a more defined look. Mascara will pump up your lashes to give you a more of a wide-eyed look that always looks pretty. Two coats is usally enough to do the trick. Hope this helps– best of luck!

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