Ask Us: How Can I Still Use Blush That Has Broken To Pieces?

Question: I love your website, and so thought you might be able to help me with this beauty dilema. I use Stila’s Blush Pans ($18, and love them. But I am down to the end of a pan and the circle of powder cracked. So my question is, how can I save and use these last bits? It is too much to want to throw out, but it is now in tiny pieces so very awkward to use.

powder jar.jpg

Answer: It can be frustrating when your compact or pans of makeup break. Thankfully, there is a way to salvage the last of any pressed makeup, icluding blush. Purchase a container for loose powder, like the one pictured (Powder Jar with Sifter, $4, at your local beauty supply. Remove the sifter lid and put the broken bits of blush into the jar. Crush any larger particles so it all becomes a loose powder. Replace the sifter lid, and now you can use your blush in a loose form– that will still travel well– until it runs out. Hope this helps!

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