Ask Us: Will Vaseline Help My Lashes Grow?

Question: My eyelashes are weak and skimpy. I am using Latisse, but was wondering if either Vaseline or almond oil is good for lashes? I’ve heard conflicting things. Thanks so much.

vaselinejar.jpegAnswer: While both Vaseline and almond oil are great for keeping lashes greatly moisturized and conditioned, neither really will make them grow longer. It seems you are on the right track with Latisse, since it is FDA approved for lash growth. To acheive nourished lashes, you might also want to look for a mascara formula that offers vitamin and colagen rich ingredients. Many lash primers offer these benefits as well and these have little color and can be worn on their own over night. Almay, Lancome, Smashbox, Vincent Longo, Fusion Beauty and Clinique are all brands that have moisturizing and fortifying mascara or lash primers.

Good luck!

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