Avon to launch premium hair care

avon.jpgAvon Inc. plans to grow its hair care business by increasing focus on premium hair care, including the introduction of a revolutionary new frizz fighting product. The direct seller
will usher in the strategy this summer with a new patent-pending
technology designed to smooth frizz similar to a salon treatment.

technology is housed in the upcoming product called Advance Techniques
Frizz Control Lotus Shield. The
treatment’s technology is designed to mimic the lotus leaf, which lives
in water but has a surface structure that repels droplets of moisture. The humidity-fighting
technology comprises smoothing silicone and microparticles. After one
week of use, Lotus Shield was found — in various testing conditions,
including rainforest-level humidity of up to 95 percent — to last for
three days, even after hair washing.

Beginning in July, Lotus Shield will sell for
$12 and its launch will coincide with the
restage of the existing Advance Techniques line. Advance
Techniques will consist of 23 products within six regimens based on hair concerns,
namely Frizz Control (Lotus Shield), Daily Shine, Color Protection,
Damage Repair, Volume, and Keep Clear.

via WWD.

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