The Balayage hair trend is sweeping the nation

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is a fan of the balyage hair trend

Ombre was the hot thing in hair last year, but it’s been replaced this year by the balayage trend — the ever stylish Gisele Bundchen, Lauren Conrad and Sarah Jessica Parker are all fans. While ombre is a gradient of color that goes from darker to lighter (or vice versa) down the hair shaft, balayage (which means “sweep” in French) is about bringing color forward towards the face. Hair stylists vertically sweep the color with the tip of the brush and only to the front of the hair, which in turn creates a sun-kissed look right around the face. If you’re a DIYer, balayage may prove to be your nemesis, the technique really requires you have a good handle on the precision and all over color placement on your hair.

  • ZombieWaylandFlowers

    The correct spelling is “balayage”.

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